Ryvita: upgrading packaging to grow the core

Thanks to Carol Flint at Ryvita for sharing a great example of how to use packaging to grow the core: new “foil fresh” packs that the brand has just launched.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 11.49.20

Here’s why I like this bit of packaging innovation:

1. Upgrading the core

The new foil fresh packs upgrade the current crispbread products, by keeping them crispy for longer. This means Ryvita is making what is strong even stronger, rather than trying to grow by adding new products or pack formats.

2. Functional packaging

The new foil fresh packs are delivering a benefit that is relevant to consumer needs. I remember from working on Ryvita that a reason for not buying it was concerns over the crispbreads losing their crunch.

3. Distinctiveness vs. own label

This upgrade is a little step to help Ryvita be distinctive versus own label copy cats. No doubt the copying will happen again, as own label tries to match the brand leader. But for now Ryvita has a window of time when it has a little edge to support the price premium.

4. Simple, effective descriptor

“Foil fresh” is a nice name to use for these new packs. It combines the what (“foil”) with the benefit (“fresh”). And the with only 2 syllables, the name is easy to use and remember.

5. Build on other grow the core activity

This pack upgrade is the latest in a series of grow the core initiatives aimed at keeping Ryvita fresher and crunchier for longer, so it tastes great. The brand has already introduced nice tins for your kitchen, and little bags to take your Ryvita to work for lunch.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 12.14.50
In conclusion, foil fresh packs might not be as sexy as social media or stretching the brand. But my money is on them being a great way to SMS (sell more stuff) and help grow the core.