Why is Direct Line’s brand strategy “best-in-class”?

Direct Line is again a well-deserving winner in the IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards, building on their 2016 success that I posted on here, when I reported on a campaign that built insurance [...]

Distinctiveness vs. differentiation: who is right?!

Mark Ritson added fuel to the fire of debate about distinctiveness versus differentiation in a recent column (1). “There is a worrying trend to favour distinctiveness over [...]

The bad and the mad of the brand extension graveyard

A reminder of how overcrowded ‘the brand extension graveyard’ is popped into my in-box this week. Thanks to brandgym blog reader Mark James for sharing a CB Insights article (1) with [...]

We Transfer: to grow the core, less is more

We Transfer’s co-founder and President Damian Bradfield explained in a recent Times article (1) how he and his team have built a successful brand by focusing on being brilliant at ONE [...]

Building a true business-to-business brand: Technogym

Using a Technogym machine at the gym today got me thinking about what a good job this company have done in building a true  business-to-business brand, especially given the competitive market [...]

Why big brands win in eCommerce retail, not small ones

Big brands are the knock-out winners in a recent eBrand ranking (1) of performance in UK online retailers, despite the popular view that big brands are losing out to smaller, more digitally savvy [...]

Creating a ‘service signature’: Westin Gear Lending

During a recent stay at The Westin Hotel in Cape Town I came across a great example of a ‘service signature’: a distinctive, memorable and scaleable customer experience that [...]

Farmdrop: building a brilliant brand-led business

This week I learnt first-hand how Farmdrop has built its business by leading with a brilliant product, supported by a social & ethical mission. The Farmdrop website and mobile app allows [...]

Branding made beautiful: LUX* hotels

In many hotels you would struggle to know which brand you were staying in if all the signage was removed. An exception to this rule is LUX* Resorts, who have made brilliant use of brand [...]

Amplify your product truth: Castle Lite

Using your core product to create distinctiveness is a great way of increasing penetration to drive growth. The trick is to 'bake' the brand story into the product, and then amplify this [...]

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