Why big brands win in eCommerce retail, not small ones

Big brands are the knock-out winners in a recent eBrand ranking (1) of performance in UK online retailers, despite the popular view that big brands are losing out to smaller, more digitally savvy [...]

Creating a ‘service signature’: Westin Gear Lending

During a recent stay at The Westin Hotel in Cape Town I came across a great example of a ‘service signature’: a distinctive, memorable and scaleable customer experience that [...]

Farmdrop: building a brilliant brand-led business

This week I learnt first-hand how Farmdrop has built its business by leading with a brilliant product, supported by a social & ethical mission. The Farmdrop website and mobile app allows [...]

Branding made beautiful: LUX* hotels

In many hotels you would struggle to know which brand you were staying in if all the signage was removed. An exception to this rule is LUX* Resorts, who have made brilliant use of brand [...]

Amplify your product truth: Castle Lite

Using your core product to create distinctiveness is a great way of increasing penetration to drive growth. The trick is to 'bake' the brand story into the product, and then amplify this [...]

Domino’s dramatise their product turnaround

Guest post with Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner for NL and France. We often talk about product upgrade as a good healthy habit for growing the core of a brands. But for some brands where [...]

Tropicana’s design disaster

Tropicana's disastrous design change in the USA is a sobering reminder for all of us about the risk you take when you change your pack. Especially when you change it for something which is, [...]