A big brand invests in its future: BP Chargemaster

I read with interest BP’s recent announcement (1) that it was purchasing Chargemaster, the UK’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging company. This struck me as a good example of a big brand [...]

True marketing leaders: following the money, not fads & fashion

“The 7 Deadly Sins of Brand Bureaucracy” was the first article I wrote for Market Leader back in 2002, marking the start of our campaign to cut through the bull***t and buzzwords of branding. In [...]

Do “skippable” YouTube ads really work?

Brands invested over $3billion on YouTube ads in the US alone in 2017, double the 2014 spend (1), with a lot of this spent on ‘pre-roll’ ads that appear before you watch a YouTube video. But do [...]

Is digital marketing killing brands?

“Digital marketing has unleashed an obsession with efficiency, trading long-term brand-building for short-term ROI. We’ve put the golden goose in a battery farm of scientific [...]

The “3 Fs”: How fame, fluency and feeling drive brand growth

Fame, fluency and feeling are the three key drivers of brand growth, according to extensive research shared with us by one of our insight agency partners, System 1, at our global brandgym Partner [...]

Hype busters: cutting through the hype about branding today

Each year we do a set of New Year cards as a source of inspiration for our clients and contacts. This year the theme is ‘Hype Busters: Busting the Hype about Branding Today’. Below I [...]

2017 in review: Rebooting branding for a digital age

As we approach the end of the year, its time to look back and do a quick review of 2017. We’ve done another 100 blog posts this year, posting every week, like we have since the blog started back [...]

How can big brands can fight back?

Big consumer brands face many challenges today, including retailer pressure, rising commodity prices and new, smaller ‘insurgent brands’.  Despite these challenges, big brands are not [...]

Are big brands really dying?

The media is full of stories about big brands declining and even facing extinction. The dominant narrative is as follows: Big brands are losing out to smaller ‘insurgent brands’ These [...]

Start with WHAT, not WHY

It seems I’m one of the only people to dare question the logic in Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with why’ approach to brands and business. So it was refreshing to read someone else [...]