Share of Search: A New Way to Predict Market Share

Share of search on Google could be a cost effective and timely way of measuring brand health, according to a presentation by Les Binet, Adam&eveDDB’s Head of Effectiveness, at Effworks [...]

Creativity to Grow the Core: Burger King

Burger King are famous for pushing creative boundaries, winning 94 Cannes Lions in the past four years, including four Grand Prix awards. But key to Burger King’s success has been focusing this [...]

How Just Eat Keeps Delivering Growth

Just Eat, the take-away food delivery group, has grown strongly during our crazy Covid times: 2020 first half revenues of $1.2 billion were up +44% vs. year ago (1). The UK Marketing Director, [...]

10 lessons from Gymshark’s billion dollar brand building

There’s lots to learn from the growth of fitness brand Gymshark, covering everything from product design to consumer insight and media channel innovation. The company has come a long way [...]

Characters: effective but under-used (and mis-used) brand assets

Two examples of brands dropping characters from campaigns grabbed my attention this week. Direct Line killed off the Winston Wolf campaign, a masterclass in using ‘fresh consistency’ to boost [...]

Do crazy Covid times call for new comms campaigns?

The world of brands and marketing has changed and will never be the same again, if you believe headlines in the marketing press. So, you need to chuck out all your marketing campaigns and start [...]

Is all publicity REALLY good publicity: Corona, Burger King and Jif?

“Any publicity is good publicity” is one of the oldest sayings in marketing. And it’s more topical than ever, with many teams desperate to create ‘buzz’ that gets their brands talked about in the [...]

Super Bowl 2020 winners & losers: lessons in effective advertising

So, who won the Super Bowl on Sunday night? No, not the Kansas City Chiefs, that was just the football game. I’m talking about the trophy that really matters: the most effective ad from the [...]

How to create a new category like White Claw

Post by Jon Goldstone, Managing Partner, Global and head of brand revitalisation. As I read the Nielsen Bases US Innovation List for 2019 White Claw, a hard seltzer launched in 2017, really stood [...]

Borrow with pride like Visa

Post by David Nichols, Group Managing Partner. VISA’s heartwarming Christmas ad is an interesting example of how to ‘borrow with pride’ when creating marketing [...]