Is Lush mad to quit social media?

Lush’s recent decision to close down all its UK social media accounts grabbed the headlines. “I cannot fathom what has gone through the marketing director’s mind  for them to shut down [...]

Mass OR targeted: which marketing is most effective?

Is mass marketing dead, in an age when you can micro-target sub-segments and personalise  your message with online marketing? Or, is mass marketing to reach as many people as possible still the [...]

Why is Direct Line’s brand strategy “best-in-class”?

Direct Line is again a well-deserving winner in the IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards, building on their 2016 success that I posted on here, when I reported on a campaign that built insurance [...]

Building an effective brand character

‘Brand properties’ help build the distinctive memory structure that gets your brand recalled when people are making buying decisions, as we posted on here. And a ‘brand [...]

Quality in-store activation from Quality Street

Sometimes the simplest brand ideas are the best. In particular, ideas don’t always have to rely on product innovation, they can be based on marketing innovation, as Quality Street* recently [...]

Marketers’ misconceptions about media effectiveness

Marketing and ad agency teams over-estimate the effectiveness of social media and online video, and under-estimate the effectiveness of press and radio, according to a recent report from [...]

Snickers ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’: the best global campaign ever?

Research for a recent project highlighted what is perhaps the best global marketing campaign ever: ’You’re not you when you’re hungry’, by Snickers. We tipped the campaign for the top [...]

Want a viral video? “A truth well told” could help you

The wish of many marketers for a "viral video" was the subject of a recent cartoon by The Marketoonist, Tom Fishburne. He has some great suggestions about how you might be able to win [...]

John Lewis Xmas ad: the gift of fresh consistency

John Lewis is set to enjoy the benefits of fresh consistency with its latest Xmas TV advert, which aired for the first time last week. “Monty the Penguin” is creating even more [...]

The Myth of Social Media: new Gallup Report

Interesting to read about a Gallup survey on social media in the Wall Street Journal, here. The Gallup report is titled “The Myth of Social Media”. It confirms several of the key [...]