How Apple’s distinctive design dominated the smartwatch market

Impressive results for the Apple Watch caught my eye this week, with the brand winning a 54% global share of smartwatches in Q1 2019, with sales growing at c. 20% (1). It is four times the size [...]

A sorry Saga of stretching from the core 

Saga’s recent woes show the perils of stretching a brand too far, too fast, and neglecting the core (1). The insurance and travel provider for the over-50s recently announced a £310m write-down [...]

How did Microsoft get its mojo back?

Microsoft’s market valuation pulled ahead of Apple for the first time since 2010,  confirming how effectively CEO Satya Nadella has revitalised the once ailing company. The share price has [...]

3 practical ways to be more agile

We posted recently about the need to increase your ‘Adaptability Quotient’ (AQ) to make your brand and business stronger. Research we are running right now confirms that being more [...]

A Genie helps the AA Stretch to grow the core

An email from the AA breakdown service grabbed my attention this morning. It was promoting Car Genie, a little device that plugs into you car and lets you know if it spots a fault via an app on [...]

Netflix stretch to supercharge the core

Video-streaming platform Netflix recently announced strong second quarter results, with revenues up 32% to $2.79bn (£2.13bn) versus year ago, and net profits up 60% to $65.6m. Netflix really is [...]

Bugaboo’s big, bold brand stretch: the Boxer luggage system

Post by Anne Charbonneau, brandgym Managing Partner based in Amsterdam, I was lucky enough to recently attend the exciting launch of bugaboo’s new product range: “a revolutionary luggage system” [...]

How Apple’s brand stretch grows the core

Apple is a rare example of a brand that has used brand stretching to actually grow their core business, rather than undermine it. Check out the chart below showing how Mac computer sales have [...]

Nivea re-focus on the core

Nivea in France has benefited from re-focusing on the core, as shown by Helen Willems, General Manager of Beiersdorf France & Belgium, in a lunch organised by The House of Marketing and [...]

Bonne Maman’s recipe for brand stretch

[Guest post from brandym partner in Amsterdam, Anne Charbonneau] Working recently on a great project for a “category hopper” (ie. a brand seeking to hop into several product categories] – I [...]