Adding value though packaging: Lurpak’s Butterbox

Post by David Nichols, Group Managing Partner and Head of Invention How do you keep driving profitable growth of a leader brand, bringing in new users and delighting current ones, when it already [...]

Pepsico Future Brands: innovation quality@speed

There were some interesting inside tips on creating quality innovation@speed in a recent interview with Karen Scott, head of PepsiCo Europe’s Future Brands division (1). Speeding up innovation is [...]

Coca-Cola’s premium Signature Mixers extension: hit or miss?

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and Head of Visual Identity & Naming Coca-Cola’s ‘Signature Mixers’ launch is a bold move that has provoked some debate at the brandgym. Will it be [...]

Range extension to drive premiumisation and penetration

Penetration is a key way to drive growth, as shown by the research in How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp. However, How Brands Grow actually addresses volume growth. And while this is important, a [...]

Heck: a sizzling sausage success story

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and our Head of Brand Identity & Naming. We love growth stories about sausage brands like Heck, the subject of this post, as they literally bring to life [...]

The bad and the mad of the brand extension graveyard

A reminder of how overcrowded ‘the brand extension graveyard’ is popped into my in-box this week. Thanks to brandgym blog reader Mark James for sharing a CB Insights article (1) with [...]

WD40 show the power of pack innovation

I was lucky enough to spend this week working with WD40’s Americas team on their future growth strategy in San Diego. One of my key takeouts was how well WD40 has used packaging innovation [...]

T-Mobile’s Flext and the power of ownable descriptors

One of most misunderstood and mis-used bits of branding is the “sub-brand”, and there are very few examples where this has been done successfully. The theory: by using a [...]