Why big brands win in eCommerce retail, not small ones

Big brands are the knock-out winners in a recent eBrand ranking (1) of performance in UK online retailers, despite the popular view that big brands are losing out to smaller, more digitally savvy [...]

Should you sell direct to consumers and, if so, how?

“Should we sell direct to consumers (D2C)?” asked a consumer product goods (CPG) client in a growth vision workshop this week. Many companies are asking us the same question. And you can see why. [...]

Digital drives a richer customer experience for Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is a great example of a brand using digital to enhance the customer experience, an approach proposed in the book Marketing Goes Digital that I posted in earlier in the [...]

Drive distribution to grow the core like Costa

One of the best ways to grow the core is to drive distribution, as covered in the Grow the Core book. And a cup of Costa coffee at a local Shell station reminded me that perhaps the best example [...]

Dominos pizza and the power of physical availability

Domino Pizza's recession-busting results show the power of boosting "physical availability" for your brand: finding new ways to get your brand in front of people at moments when [...]

Nespresso – New generation branding

I got in the post today a magazine from Nespresso, and it got me thinking about what an amazing brand growth story this is: heading for 1 billion Euros in sales. This subsidiary of Nestle [...]