Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Parter based in Amsterdam. The importance of the online channel has sky-rocketed during the Covid crisis. Tesco reported a 49% jump in online sales (three [...]

How To Build a DTC Channel That Lasts Beyond Lockdown?

Post by Jon Goldstone, Managing Partner (Global). Consumers have never been more open to buying from brands than during the current Covid-19 crisis; social distancing and lockdowns have made [...]

The Jolly Hog: sausage & sizzle in action

This week’s post is about a brand that literally combines product ‘sausage’ and emotional ‘sizzle’ to create a compelling proposition. I caught up for breakfast [...]

Tiffany’s brand revitalisation: balancing freshness and consistency

Revitalising a brand is a tricky task, requiring a delicate balance of freshness and consistency, especially when the brand in question has 182 years of heritage. Alessandro Bogliolo faced this [...]

Re-inventing retail: Brompton Bikes 

“Whoever said retail was dead ?! It simply needs to evolve,” rightly pointed out Simon Rosenberg, Brompton Bicycle’s Global Head of Retail, when announcing (1) the opening of the brand’s new [...]

Brand refreshment to drive REACH: Ikea’s new city store

Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam. Between two client meetings in Paris I saw what looked like the opening of a cool tech or sports store, with queues round the [...]

Quality in-store activation from Quality Street

Sometimes the simplest brand ideas are the best. In particular, ideas don’t always have to rely on product innovation, they can be based on marketing innovation, as Quality Street* recently [...]

Why big brands (not small ones) win in eCommerce

Apologies to everyone for the crappy quality of the visual in last week’s post about big brands winning in eCommerce. Thanks to those readers who flagged this up. The images are fine on the [...]

Why big brands win in eCommerce retail, not small ones

Big brands are the knock-out winners in a recent eBrand ranking (1) of performance in UK online retailers, despite the popular view that big brands are losing out to smaller, more digitally savvy [...]

Should you sell direct to consumers and, if so, how?

“Should we sell direct to consumers (D2C)?” asked a consumer product goods (CPG) client in a growth vision workshop this week. Many companies are asking us the same question. And you can see why. [...]

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