Weight Watchers shows risk of name changes as share price drops 36%

The renaming of Weight Watchers’ to ‘WW’ shows the risks of changing brand name. The company lost 300,000 subscribers in the quarter following the September 2018 change, [...]

How did Microsoft get its mojo back?

Microsoft’s market valuation pulled ahead of Apple for the first time since 2010,  confirming how effectively CEO Satya Nadella has revitalised the once ailing company. The share price has [...]

Tysons Foods turbo-charged growth shows big brands are NOT doomed

The tale of two food companies shows that big consumer goods brands are NOT doomed to decline, despite the negative predictions to this effect in many newspapers and consultancy reports. “Food [...]

£billion DIY disaster shows perils of re-positioning

This week Australian retailer Wesfarmers offloaded Homebase for a nominal £1 and took a whacking £1.1 billion write-down, just two years after paying £340 million for the the British DIY [...]

Britain’s Biggest Brands in £137m turnaround

There’s a lot of doom and gloom about the fate of big brands these days and specifically the threat of smaller, ‘insurgent brands’. So, I was interested to read The [...]

Forget IQ. What’s your ability to ADAPT or AQ?

[Post by Diego Kerner, Managing Partner for Latin America] The great Stephen Hawking defined intelligence as ‘the ability to adapt to change’. And change dominates the landscape of any marketer [...]

Breathing new life into old brands: Mini, Sodastream and Hofmeister

“Too often, investors, entrepreneurs and established companies ignore old brands capable of being reborn,” rightly points out Luke Johnson in one of his excellent Sunday Times columns (1). As he [...]

The danger of ditching distinctive brand assets: Mr Kipling

The story of Mr Kipling has some great learning about the dangers of ditching distinctive assets. Back in 2014 in a post on the cake brand I warned about “the risk of forgetting what made you [...]

Rejuvenate or die: lessons from Toys R Us’ demise

I read over breakfast today how giant retailer Toys R Us will will close or sell all 885 US stores in the coming months, putting 33,000 jobs at risk (1). All the UK stores will close in the next [...]

The Bridge Theatre’s Julius Caesar: how to reboot your brand

Can a 418 year old play about a story that happened over 2,000 years ago provide any inspiration for your brand? The answer is a resounding “Yes”, based on my recent night out with the Taylor [...]