Share of Search: A New Way to Predict Market Share

Share of search on Google could be a cost effective and timely way of measuring brand health, according to a presentation by Les Binet, Adam&eveDDB’s Head of Effectiveness, at Effworks [...]

Creativity to Grow the Core: Burger King

Burger King are famous for pushing creative boundaries, winning 94 Cannes Lions in the past four years, including four Grand Prix awards. But key to Burger King’s success has been focusing this [...]

How Just Eat Keeps Delivering Growth

Just Eat, the take-away food delivery group, has grown strongly during our crazy Covid times: 2020 first half revenues of $1.2 billion were up +44% vs. year ago (1). The UK Marketing Director, [...]

Inspiration to keep brands growing in crazy Covid times

During a recent brandgym partner call we agreed on the need to cut through the doom and gloom dominating the news headlines, with the media having decided their main job is to scare the sh**t out [...]

Forget ‘the new normal’. The ABCD of marketing during ‘NO NORMAL’

“Will Covid-19 change everything or nothing for brands?” we asked back in May in this post. Four months on and real-life has, of course, ended up somewhere between these two extremes. There have [...]

10 lessons from Gymshark’s billion dollar brand building

There’s lots to learn from the growth of fitness brand Gymshark, covering everything from product design to consumer insight and media channel innovation. The company has come a long way [...]

Should you take a social stand like Ben & Jerry’s?

Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t just whip up tasty ice cream, it also whips up media storms by campaigning on social issues. The latest controversial Twitter campaign challenged the UK’s home secretary [...]

The power of focusing on strengths, not weaknesses

One of my favourite activities during lockdown was using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder method with all five members of the Taylor family, including Mrs Taylor and my three daughters (aged 18, 18 [...]

‘Bake the brand’ into EVERYTHING you do like Orlebar Brown

The hallway of the Taylor residence has taken on the look of a post office sorting room during lockdown, with piles of packages arriving or being re-packed up ready for return. Most of the online [...]

Bó bank is no bank: the risks of new brand launches

High street banking group RBS’s closure of its new digital bank Bó shows the risks of launching new brands to compete with smaller ‘insurgent’ brands. In this case, RBS was [...]