Busting the myths of brand loyalty

“Focusing on driving loyalty with existing customers is the best way to grow, right?” asked the CMO of a major retail client this week. “Analysis shows that if we get loyal [...]

Distinctiveness vs. differentiation: who is right?!

Mark Ritson added fuel to the fire of debate about distinctiveness versus differentiation in a recent column (1). “There is a worrying trend to favour distinctiveness over [...]

Big brands fight back

In this final post on ‘big brands under attack’, we propose how big brands are fighting back, covering both brand strategy and operating model. In a previous post here we showed how [...]

Brand Architecture for Business Growth

Brand architecture can be a theoretical and over-intellectual process that takes place in a conceptual vacuum, divorced from business reality. One resulting problem is brand proliferation, where [...]

Why are small insurgent brands growing?

Headlines today are full of stories about big brands losing out to smaller, fast growing ‘insurgent brands’; some articles go as far as predicting the demise of big brands altogether. Big brands [...]

Are big brands really doomed?

The headlines today are full of stories about big brands losing out to smaller, fast growing ‘insurgent brands’, such as Halo Top ice cream, Skinny Pop popcorn and Dollar Shave Club. In [...]

Uber ditches its dodgy design

Uber has just ditched the dodgy design it introduced in 2016 and gone back to basics with its new logo. This whole exercise has been a monumental waste of time, effort and money that could have [...]

Nike’s Kaepernick ad: provocative PR, not purpose-led branding

Nike’s new Colin Kaepernick advert* has been effective at provoking the desired political controversy and polarised opinion: 30% of US consumers feel more positive about Nike after seeing the ad, [...]

The bad and the mad of the brand extension graveyard

A reminder of how overcrowded ‘the brand extension graveyard’ is popped into my in-box this week. Thanks to brandgym blog reader Mark James for sharing a CB Insights article (1) with [...]

Lessons from a successful start-up: Tenzing

I got some great brand inspiration from a recent meeting with Huib Van Bockel, founder of natural energy drink Tenzing. He was one of the brandgym’s first clients back in his Unilever days, [...]