Why big brands win in eCommerce retail, not small ones

Big brands are the knock-out winners in a recent eBrand ranking (1) of performance in UK online retailers, despite the popular view that big brands are losing out to smaller, more digitally savvy [...]

BA’s World Cup ad: big brands can be agile too

Big brands get a lot of stick for being slow and cumbersome compared to smaller ‘insurgent’ brands. But British Airways (BA) show how big brands can be agile, with their brilliant guerrilla-style [...]

Creating a ‘service signature’: Westin Gear Lending

During a recent stay at The Westin Hotel in Cape Town I came across a great example of a ‘service signature’: a distinctive, memorable and scaleable customer experience that [...]

Tysons Foods turbo-charged growth shows big brands are NOT doomed

The tale of two food companies shows that big consumer goods brands are NOT doomed to decline, despite the negative predictions to this effect in many newspapers and consultancy reports. “Food [...]

Effective corporate brands sell benefits, not values

Only 29% of corporate brands are distinctive compared to their competitive set, according to a global survey by CEB of 1,250 stakeholders from different fields (employees, managers, influencers [...]

Farmdrop: building a brilliant brand-led business

This week I learnt first-hand how Farmdrop has built its business by leading with a brilliant product, supported by a social & ethical mission. The Farmdrop website and mobile app allows [...]

£billion DIY disaster shows perils of re-positioning

This week Australian retailer Wesfarmers offloaded Homebase for a nominal £1 and took a whacking £1.1 billion write-down, just two years after paying £340 million for the the British DIY [...]

Marketers’ misconceptions about media effectiveness

Marketing and ad agency teams over-estimate the effectiveness of social media and online video, and under-estimate the effectiveness of press and radio, according to a recent report from [...]

Britain’s Biggest Brands in £137m turnaround

There’s a lot of doom and gloom about the fate of big brands these days and specifically the threat of smaller, ‘insurgent brands’. So, I was interested to read The [...]

True marketing leaders: following the money, not fads & fashion

“The 7 Deadly Sins of Brand Bureaucracy” was the first article I wrote for Market Leader back in 2002, marking the start of our campaign to cut through the bull***t and buzzwords of branding. In [...]