What can boxing teach us about business?

This post by Diego Kerner, Managing Partner for Latin America, is one of our occasional ones which goes a bit “off piste” to look for lessons on brands, business and leadership. At [...]

The power of simply asking “WHY?”

Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam Asking questions and being a good listener is key to ‘getting under the skin’ of brand and business issues and unlocking learning. [...]

If money doesn’t DRIVE people, what does?!

Post by Prasad Narasimhan, Managing Partner based in Bangalore. What really drives and motivates people? We discussed this fascinating question last week at our brandgym global partner retreat. [...]

6 Ways to Make your New Year Resolutions STICK

Its new year resolution time again. And so in this first post of 2019, I thought it was worth re-visiting a classic brandgym blog post by Diego Kerner, our Managing Partner based in Buenos Aries. [...]


In this first post of 2018, I propose six  actionable tips to implement a new and positive habit in your life, to help you achieve your ambitions for the year: brand, business and personal. [...]

Should you make the leap from corporate to “go solo”?

I’m just back from breakfast with my next door neighbour, Nick, who has just launched his own strategy consultancy called Stratforma (He helps companies understand the complex world around [...]

How to make workshops work

We should all stop running brand workshops according to Helen Edwards’ recent column (subscription needed). She suggests “‘Everyone-is-creative’ workshops don’t have a hope of [...]

Focus on your strengths part 2: BRANDS

In a previous post, we looked at the idea of amplifying strengths, rather than focusing on fixing weaknesses, applied to people. Here in part 2, we look at how it applies to brands. Brands, like [...]

Focus on strengths, not weaknesses Part 1: PEOPLE

I posted on “Now Discover Your Strengths” (NDYS) a couple of years ago. This book forced me to totally re-think people development. Recently, I’m thinking it also applies to [...]