Unlock your creativity with outdoor workshops

Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam. “Virtual meetings are effective, but how can we freshen things up?” asked a client on a recent growth strategy project. [...]

10 lessons from Gymshark’s billion dollar brand building

There’s lots to learn from the growth of fitness brand Gymshark, covering everything from product design to consumer insight and media channel innovation. The company has come a long way [...]

The power of focusing on strengths, not weaknesses

One of my favourite activities during lockdown was using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder method with all five members of the Taylor family, including Mrs Taylor and my three daughters (aged 18, 18 [...]

How to pivot your brand to save your business

I love reading about small brands ‘pivoting’ to save their businesses during these crazy times. These success stories appear like shafts of sunlight cutting through the clouds of doom [...]

Investing in ‘BRAND-YOU’ during these crazy times

Post by Prasad Narasimhan, Managing Partner based in Bangalore, and Head of Customer Experience Coronavirus has brought entire societies and economies to a grinding halt. The risk for [...]

Big brands need to ‘think young’ to fight the insurgents

Post by Prasad Narasimhan, Managing Partner based in Bangalore, India and Head of Brand Experience. Big brands are trying to fight back against a rapidly growing tribe of insurgent brands [...]

3 ways to stay sane and connected during the lockdown

I’ve been exploring ways to stay connected and have fun during this time of anti-social distancing. And in this off-piste post I share a few of them… 1. Run a virtual quiz night, with [...]

Alila hotels: bottling the magic of a truly distinctive service brand

Post by Remona Duquense, Managing Partner for South East Asia. Luxury boutique hospitality business Alila is one my favourite examples of a distinctive service brand. And I was lucky enough to [...]

Tips from 20 years of working from home

In these unprecedented, turbulent times, millions of people are suddenly having to work remotely from home full time. So I thought it was useful to share some tips from the twenty or so years [...]

Turning personal purpose into action

Purpose is powerful stuff when done well. ‘Psychologists describe it as “the pathway to greater well-being” and doctors have even found that people with purpose in their lives are less prone to [...]

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