‘Bake the brand’ into EVERYTHING you do like Orlebar Brown

The hallway of the Taylor residence has taken on the look of a post office sorting room during lockdown, with piles of packages arriving or being re-packed up ready for return. Most of the online [...]

Adding value though packaging: Lurpak’s Butterbox

Post by David Nichols, Group Managing Partner and Head of Invention How do you keep driving profitable growth of a leader brand, bringing in new users and delighting current ones, when it already [...]


Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Parter based in Amsterdam. The importance of the online channel has sky-rocketed during the Covid crisis. Tesco reported a 49% jump in online sales (three [...]

The nonsense of NASA’s logo changes

Post by Bety Martinez, Partner based in Mexico City. NASA successfully launched two astronauts to the International Space Station in SpaceX’s Falcon 9 capsule on May 30th. However, NASA [...]

10 tips to harness the power of brand-led design

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and brandgym’s head of Naming & Visual Identity. I’m often asked about how to get the best out of creative teams when working on design and visual [...]

Coca-Cola’s premium Signature Mixers extension: hit or miss?

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and Head of Visual Identity & Naming Coca-Cola’s ‘Signature Mixers’ launch is a bold move that has provoked some debate at the brandgym. Will it be [...]

How to create a new category like White Claw

Post by Jon Goldstone, Managing Partner, Global and head of brand revitalisation. As I read the Nielsen Bases US Innovation List for 2019 White Claw, a hard seltzer launched in 2017, really stood [...]

How can you make your brand as distinctive as Coke?

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and brandgym’s head of Naming & Visual Identity. Reading an article about the history of Coca-Cola’s ‘contour’ bottle led me to thinking about just [...]

The Jolly Hog: sausage & sizzle in action

This week’s post is about a brand that literally combines product ‘sausage’ and emotional ‘sizzle’ to create a compelling proposition. I caught up for breakfast [...]

Brand AND deliver: beyond ‘image wrapper’ branding to brand-led business

Over the years, I’ve walked into a number of advertising campaign briefings only to realise halfway through that the company didn’t need advertising, it needed branding. Advertising is only [...]

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