10 tips to harness the power of brand-led design

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and brandgym’s head of Naming & Visual Identity. I’m often asked about how to get the best out of creative teams when working on design and visual [...]

Coca-Cola’s premium Signature Mixers extension: hit or miss?

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and Head of Visual Identity & Naming Coca-Cola’s ‘Signature Mixers’ launch is a bold move that has provoked some debate at the brandgym. Will it be [...]

How to create a new category like White Claw

Post by Jon Goldstone, Managing Partner, Global and head of brand revitalisation. As I read the Nielsen Bases US Innovation List for 2019 White Claw, a hard seltzer launched in 2017, really stood [...]

How can you make your brand as distinctive as Coke?

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and brandgym’s head of Naming & Visual Identity. Reading an article about the history of Coca-Cola’s ‘contour’ bottle led me to thinking about just [...]

The Jolly Hog: sausage & sizzle in action

This week’s post is about a brand that literally combines product ‘sausage’ and emotional ‘sizzle’ to create a compelling proposition. I caught up for breakfast [...]

Brand AND deliver: beyond ‘image wrapper’ branding to brand-led business

Over the years, I’ve walked into a number of advertising campaign briefings only to realise halfway through that the company didn’t need advertising, it needed branding. Advertising is only [...]

The power of ‘brand-led’ design

Post by Prasad Narasimhan, Managing Partner based in Bangalore. Design and branding are two disciplines that are core to how brands appeal to consumers. However, the two are often seem to be [...]

Heck: a sizzling sausage success story

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and our Head of Brand Identity & Naming. We love growth stories about sausage brands like Heck, the subject of this post, as they literally bring to life [...]

10 tips for effective brand names

Post by Simon Gore, our new Managing Partner and Head of Brand Identity & Naming, based in London. Choice of brand name is one of the most significant decisions taken during brand [...]

How to get retail customer support for growing the core?

“We know we should grow the core. But our sales force and retail customers demand innovation and new products to give us support!” This challenge was shared during a workshop I [...]

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