Laying bare reasons for Majestic Wines’ brand focus on Naked Wines

Majestic Wine Groups’s plan to ditch the Majestic Wine Warehouse brand, close some stores and migrate the whole business to the Naked Wines brand* got a cold reception from investors, with [...]

5 insights for effective range architecture

[Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam] At my local Dutch supermarket yesterday, I stared in utter confusion at the shelf of soya drinks, faced with explosion of possible [...]

Brand Architecture for Business Growth

Brand architecture can be a theoretical and over-intellectual process that takes place in a conceptual vacuum, divorced from business reality. One resulting problem is brand proliferation, where [...]

Sainsbury’s ditch discount chain to focus on core

After several recent posts on Tesco focusing on its core business, here and here, today it is the turn of Sainsbury’s to take the headlines. CEO Mike Coupe announced that the company was [...]

EE’s £12.5 billion “brand-led transformation”

The acquisition of the EE mobile network business by BT got the green light from competition authorities last week. Below I explore how the creation and development of the EE brand played a [...]

Danone’s Amazing Transformation – the power of focus

Danone’s transformation over the last 10 years is nothing short of remarkable. The latest and perhaps most significant episodes in this story is coming to a close now. They are selling [...]