Using a crisis as a catalyst for change in coaching teams

Post by Diego Kerner, Managing Partner for Latin America. I recently had the privilege of coaching an International Category team as they worked to re-start their business following the easing of [...]

How Just Eat Keeps Delivering Growth

Just Eat, the take-away food delivery group, has grown strongly during our crazy Covid times: 2020 first half revenues of $1.2 billion were up +44% vs. year ago (1). The UK Marketing Director, [...]

Unlock your creativity with outdoor workshops

Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam. “Virtual meetings are effective, but how can we freshen things up?” asked a client on a recent growth strategy project. [...]

Inspiration to keep brands growing in crazy Covid times

During a recent brandgym partner call we agreed on the need to cut through the doom and gloom dominating the news headlines, with the media having decided their main job is to scare the sh**t out [...]

Forget ‘the new normal’. The ABCD of marketing during ‘NO NORMAL’

“Will Covid-19 change everything or nothing for brands?” we asked back in May in this post. Four months on and real-life has, of course, ended up somewhere between these two extremes. There have [...]

How to pivot your brand to save your business

I love reading about small brands ‘pivoting’ to save their businesses during these crazy times. These success stories appear like shafts of sunlight cutting through the clouds of doom [...]

How has media consumption changed by generation?

I recently came across an interesting graphic illustrating increases in media consumption by lifestage during this period of pandemic-induced social isolation (1), using a Global Web Index study [...]

Do crazy Covid times call for new comms campaigns?

The world of brands and marketing has changed and will never be the same again, if you believe headlines in the marketing press. So, you need to chuck out all your marketing campaigns and start [...]

Creating ‘signature services’ in a socially distanced world

Post by Remona Duquesne, Managing Partner based in Singapore. Brand experience plays a significant role in successful brand-led businesses, particularly in service sectors like travel, [...]

Embracing virtual working to keep brands fit: 13th Annual Research Paper

Our 13th annual research project explores the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on brand strategy. Lots of research has been published about cuts in marketing investment, but what about the [...]

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