Investing in ‘BRAND-YOU’ during these crazy times

Post by Prasad Narasimhan, Managing Partner based in Bangalore, and Head of Customer Experience Coronavirus has brought entire societies and economies to a grinding halt. The risk for [...]

A royal rebranding: tips for Harry and Meghan

Post by Simon Gore, Managing Partner and Head of Visual Identity & Naming. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) are about to start a rebranding process, as they can [...]

Turning personal purpose into action

Purpose is powerful stuff when done well. ‘Psychologists describe it as “the pathway to greater well-being” and doctors have even found that people with purpose in their lives are less prone to [...]

F**ck it and do it. Now

Warning: personal post on life, not branding. I was shocked to the core by the recent death of a friend from Putney. A really lovely guy. Super smart and super nice. Successful career. 48 years [...]