F**ck it and do it. Now

Warning: personal post on life, not branding.

I was shocked to the core by the recent death of a friend from Putney.

A really lovely guy.

Super smart and super nice.

Successful career.

48 years old.

Wife and two teenage kids.

He was on a biking holiday in France and ‘BAM!’, he collided with a motorbike overtaking on the wrong side of the bloody road.

Tragic. Horrific. Maddening.

And a vivid illustration of how fragile our hold on life is.

So, my suggestion for today is this.

Think of one thing that that is important to you; something you’ve been meaning to do, but just haven’t got round to.

You’ve been making excuses and putting it off. “Its too risky“. “Its too expensive“. “Its scary“.

Buying that dream car…

…. taking a trip to Vegas/Tahiti/to watch the Super Bowl…

… learning to play the piano in a band…

… ditching your drudge of a day job and starting your own business…

… buying that place in the country or by the sea.

And then say “F**ck it, I’m doing it. And I’m doing it NOW.”

Because who the hell knows what is round the bend either metaphorically or, as in the case of my poor old mate, literally?

If you take up this challenge, and feel like sharing your f**ck it decision, please share it with me at david@thebrandgym.com or on Twitter @thebrandgym.