tapping into seasonality

I love this campaign for the way it taps into a real insight about consumers. As we reach the end of the year, loads of people (including many of you I bet) realize that they’ve been slogging their guts out all year and have not used up their holiday entitlement. Hence, the idea "Use it or lose it".


This is a great example of tapping into seasonality as a source of insight. And using this to really connect with your consumer, so they say "Wow! These guys really get me." Another example was the recruitment firm who ran banner ads on Monday mornings with interactive bubble wrap bubbles you could burst. When you’d burst all the bubbles the ad asked "Bored? Perhaps it time to look for a new job."

5-minute workout: think about seasonlity for your brand, in terms of days of the week, months of the year. What are the "life events" of your consumer that that you could tap into, that go beyond the obvious over-crowded ones of Xmas, 4th of July etc.