Relentless revitalisation: the iPhone

My latest Apple-aholic’s post. On Apple’s relentless revitalisation with the iPhone 4. Video of it here.

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This will help them grown even further, and challenge RIM/Blackberry for Smartphone leadership. Latest data shows they now have a 28% of the US smartphone market. And in fact, they are already the leader brand in the US in terms of smartphone browser usage (how much time people spend web surfing on their phone)

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This thing is packed with new features: 5 MP camera and flash… high definition video … longer battery life… video “face-time” calling… retina super-high quality screen. And it manages to do this while being even smaller, lighter and thinner. The thinnest smartphone in the world in fact.

A few learnings:

1. Product engineering rules: This is yet another example of how Apple is all about the product, not lifestyle. The engineering in the new iPhone is mind-boggling. Just one example is how the case also serves as the antenna, saving weight and making the phone lighter!

Screen shot 2010-06-10 at 05.21.39
2. Relentless waves of revitalisation: Just when you and the analysts thought Apple couldn’t innovate anymore, they raise the game again. This comes from an unrelenting drive to innovate and move the product on.

3. Changing the customer experience: The real magic of Apple is how they use amazing engineering to change the experience of how we interact with technology. I see this with my 8 year old daughter who now knows how to use her finger to slide photos across the screen, or how to “pinch” them with her two fingers to make them bigger or smaller.

iPhone 4 is doing this again with video calling, of “face time” as Apple call it. This could change the way we use phones to communicate.

Screen shot 2010-06-10 at 05.20.25

In conclusion, more inspiration from Apple on making amazing products that make everyday life a bit better, and having wave after wave of revitalisation to gain brand leadership.

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