Rebooting brand strategy for a digital age

Exciting news this week is the launch of our new book: the brandgym: A Practical Workout to Grow Your Brand in a Digital Age. The book is available to order here: – Europe

The idea behind the book to inspire teams to reconnect with and refresh their brand strategy, at a time when 60%+ of marketing directors say brand positioning is being neglected. Pladis CMO Lale Develioglu summed the book up well when she called it: “a powerful toolkit to re-discover and re-invent the fundamentals of building brands that last”

The book ‘reboots’ for the digital age four key stages of the brand vision to action process:
Brand-led Growth: ‘Following the Money’ (not the latest digital marketing trends) 
Brand Vision for Action: blending digital & human insight to create a purposeful positioning 
Grow the Core: driving distinctiveness through the whole mix, including the use of digital technology 
Stretch from the Core: extending and then stretching the core

We’ll do a series of posts over the coming weeks that illustrate and bring to life the above themes.
Any help to spread the word on the book is much appreciated, such as a post on Linked In, or leaving a review on Amazon!