Its official: the Geek Squad pack sausage and sizzle

The Geek Squad are one of my fave brands, and I’ve raved about them before. They’ve taken something as mundane as computer repairs and created a branded experience that really stands out. Their "Chief Inspector" Robert Stephens was nice enough to do an endorsement for my brand vision book, which has a case study on them. They recently expanded out of the US, where they have 15 000 people, and launched in the UK via a
link-up with Carphone Warehouse.

Lots of people focus on the Geek Squad brand’s emotional "sizzle": a unique style is inspired by 1970’s cop shows, with all their "agents" wearing a uniform of black tie, white shirt and socks. And this is a key part of their success. But what I really like is that the brand is built on a great "sausage"/service: the agents really know their stuff, arrive on time and talk to you in language you get, not tech-speak.

And its not just little old me saying this. I was chuffed to bits to see that they came out on top in last weekend’s Sunday Times test of 3 computer repair companies: the Geek Squad creamed The Tech Guys and Geeks on Wheels, as the results below show. And this quote brought tears of joy to my eyes:

"Finally someone who could fix all the problems – and in just 50
minutes. Geek Squad may be a bit gimmicky, but it proved it also had substance."

Way to go Robert and the UK team!