[Guest post by Prasad Narsimhan, Managing Partner based in Bangalore, India] Few brands have the courage to remain thematically consistent in their communication over a long period of time, [...]

Smart use of celebrity to sell more stuff: Hostelworld

I love the new ad from Hostelworld. It features Mariah Carey in full diva mode being shocked at being booked into a hostel but gradually warming to the better-than-expected facilities and [...]

The danger of ditching distinctive brand assets: Mr Kipling

The story of Mr Kipling has some great learning about the dangers of ditching distinctive assets. Back in 2014 in a post on the cake brand I warned about “the risk of forgetting what made you [...]

Why motivation matters more than emotion for effective advertising

“Emotion is everything” for effective communication according to many experts. The IPA prominently promote “the power of emotion in ad campaigns”, for example (1). However, this view [...]

The “3 Fs”: How fame, fluency and feeling drive brand growth

Fame, fluency and feeling are the three key drivers of brand growth, according to extensive research shared with us by one of our insight agency partners, System 1, at our global brandgym Partner [...]

TV’s enduring emotional edge vs social media

TV is still the media that best satisfies our human need for emotional connection, according to a fascinating Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) report: ‘Be Still My Viewing Heart’. Advertising on TV [...]