Finding growth closer to the core, like Bonne Maman

Too often, when it comes to innovation, brands look to stretch to new categories or bring whole new benefits before actually looking closer at the core, where there may be smart and more [...]

How can big brands can fight back?

Big consumer brands face many challenges today, including retailer pressure, rising commodity prices and new, smaller ‘insurgent brands’.  Despite these challenges, big brands are not [...]

Are big brands really dying?

The media is full of stories about big brands declining and even facing extinction. The dominant narrative is as follows: Big brands are losing out to smaller ‘insurgent brands’ These [...]

Heinz: smart sizing to grow the core

Heinz Baked Beans have been a staple of the UK & Australian diet for several generations. In the UK the brand is still the undisputed leader with sales of £847m in 2015. In Australia, they [...]

Dave Lewis leads a Tesco turnaround

CEO Dave Lewis has led quite a turnaround at Tesco since arriving as CEO back in 2014. He announced positive half-year results last week, with underlying earnings up 60% to [...]

How Snapchat keeps things fresh

This is a special post by brandgym Gen Z bloggers Jessica, my 18 year old daughter, and her boyfriend Lewis.  How has an app based on the simple concept of sending 10 second photos and [...]

TomTom on track to re-invent the core

TomTom, the maps and navigation business, seems to be making progress in re-inventing its core business. Revenues grew +6% to €1.07billion in 2015, the first growth since 2009. TomTom's [...]