A Genie helps the AA Stretch to grow the core

An email from the AA breakdown service grabbed my attention this morning. It was promoting Car Genie, a little device that plugs into you car and lets you know if it spots a fault via an app on [...]

Netflix stretch to supercharge the core

Video-streaming platform Netflix recently announced strong second quarter results, with revenues up 32% to $2.79bn (£2.13bn) versus year ago, and net profits up 60% to $65.6m. Netflix really is [...]

Bugaboo’s big, bold brand stretch: the Boxer luggage system

Post by Anne Charbonneau, brandgym Managing Partner based in Amsterdam, I was lucky enough to recently attend the exciting launch of bugaboo’s new product range: “a revolutionary luggage system” [...]

How Apple’s brand stretch grows the core

Apple is a rare example of a brand that has used brand stretching to actually grow their core business, rather than undermine it. Check out the chart below showing how Mac computer sales have [...]

Nivea re-focus on the core

Nivea in France has benefited from re-focusing on the core, as shown by Helen Willems, General Manager of Beiersdorf France & Belgium, in a lunch organised by The House of Marketing and [...]

Bonne Maman’s recipe for brand stretch

[Guest post from brandym partner in Amsterdam, Anne Charbonneau] Working recently on a great project for a “category hopper” (ie. a brand seeking to hop into several product categories] – I [...]