The busy boulangerie syndrome: comments at last, thankyou!

The lack of comments on this blog has been worrying me. When people visit for the first time, it makes the blog look empty and un-loved. And it does get you wondering if anyone is reading…

It reminds me of when I started living in Paris and went with my wife to buy bread for the first time. I headed for the boulangerie with no queue. Anne-Marie stopped me and pointed to the one with a huge line of people out onto the street. Busy boulangerie = better bread = more people = busy boulangerie etc.


Well, thanks to Bonny, Rob, Rebecca, Simon, Nick and Paul for commenting on my last post, and queuing up to get advance copies of the "Where’s the Sausage?" book to give feedback on, hot off the press! Now there’s a queue, perhaps more of you will want to come and have a look?!

I guess there might be a lesson in this…make an interesting post and invite people in and they will walk through the door. Perhaps up to now the posts have been too finished, perhaps even too much like a series of branding "lessons"… so people look in the window, but don’t come in?