Feel free to loose your commenting-virginty

One last post about the blog, and then normal service will be resumed, back to bite-size nuggets of brand insight, I promise…

…Rebecca made a fascinating comment on my last post about "busy boulangerie syndrome" (busier the boulangerie, more people come in…more comments on the blog, more people comment…and vice versa). She explained how she was always up for expressing views verbally, but when it came to committing them in writing, she was much less forthcoming. So she kept her comments on WTS to herself, until being one of the suddent rush of commenters on the post asking for readers of the WTS book.

Several other readers (Peter de K., Nick J.) have also told me that they have comments to make on the blog, but are worried about typing
them in unitl they’re perfectly formed. They decide to wait to get them
perfect…and then,the moments gone. You guys probably have a stack of comments stored on your PC, feeling alone and un-loved! I know Helen L. prefers to email on posts she likes to other people, which is fine as well.

Well, I invite you to treat this blog like a pub, bar or cafe where we get
together and have a chat about brands. Its informal. We have a few
drinks, and people just say what’s on their mind. We take the piss out
of stuff. We have a laugh. Its not a formal, fine dining
restaurant where you have to be on best behaviour…as Jamie Oliver would say, "Get stuck in!"

Indeed, one of the big things about "Web 2.0", of which blogging and other "social media" sites are part, is that stuff is not formalised, or polished.


So come on, its time to loose your commenting-Virginity like Rebecca has! Once you’ve tried it, I’m sure you’ll like it. And this blog will be a much more interesting place.

AND, if you’re still worried about making a comment you later regret, I’ll make a guarantee…tell me, and I’ll remove it within 24 hours! No-one will ever know…