Want to be one of the 1st in the world to read our new book?

How would you like to be the one of the first people to read our new book, "Where’s the Sausage?", which won’t be published until September? I’m looking for people to give me feedback on the manuscript before giving in the final draft to the publisher, Capstone, at the end of March. The book is an entertaining piss-take of marketing and branding written in the form of a story, which
"smuggles" in the key insights from the first 3 brandgym books. Its
only 100 pages long and will go for the dirt-cheap price of only £9.99
when it come out. The idea is to reach a much broader audience, by making it much more accessible: readable on a short-haul flight.

If you’re up for it, leave your email address in the comments section at the end of the post and I’ll send you a copy. I need the feedback in the next couple of weeks: what you like, and what can be changed to make it better.

To give you a flavour of the book, here’s the draft back-cover copy (comments welcome on this too):

“What the hell is branding really all about? Can it really be as complicated as the jargon-heavy books on it suggest? And isn’t it just about using advertising spin and a nice logo to cover up a crappy product?”

Bob Jones is asking these questions as he reluctantly leaves Sales to start a one-year placement as Brand Manager at Simpton’s Sausages. He finds a business in crisis, and the Marketing Director’s planned launch of a sausage pizza looks set to only make things worse. Following his brave and often comical battle to cut through the bull**** and buzzwords and save the business is an easy and entertaining way to find out what branding is really all about.

So, don’t be shy…leave your details in the comments section, and be one of the first people in the world to read the book!