More than your usual snore of a new flavour

Thanks to John over at Brand Autopsy for highlighting a good example of "added value versioning". Rather than just launching yet another flavour, Doritos in the US have done this:

The X13D Experiment invites users to "Get it. Taste it. Name it". If you visit the site, you can indeed suggest a name for the new flavour, and also make an advert.

And as Jeff from Brand Singularity points out, what is cool is that the best 100 entries will be selected to become Doritos
"Flavor Masters", getting a year’s supply of chips and membership in a tasting test panel for new

Dorito’s clearly believe in the potential of consumer-created content, with X-13D coming after their "Make your Own Superbowl Ad" competition earlier this year.

Good stimulus for fresh thinking the next time you’re looking at the latest new flavour/version you’re about to stick on the shelf!