More on that stupid 2012 logo

Few new things I found on the 2012 Olympics logofiasco.

First, I saw this load of old bollocks, that I take to be an official promo video. Never has a strategy been shouting out so desperately. "We want to be cool and edgy, like, man. Yeah." Really, really is about as cool as watching your dad disco dancing.

A much better video is this one. Naughty, so only click if you’re not sensitive to kinky stuff. But funny.

But best of all has to be this alternative logo, which really sums it all up:


It will be interesting to see what the "evolution" of the logo will be. The Times reported that "After a month of protests, designers have devised a less controversial
version of the logo." To which an official spokesperson replied in fluent brand bollocks "This is not a climbdown, rather an
attempt to ‘populateā€’an evolving brand."

And the worse thing of all is of course not the shit logo itself, but the fact that this whole balls up has reinforced the idea that logo=brand=logo. What matters most is what the athlete and visitor experience will be like. That’s really what the brand should be all about. And we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out about that.