How ’bout a WTS? LIVE event for your company/agency?

Its 3 months to go till ‘S-Day": the Oct 1 launch of "Where’s the Sausage?" the book. And I’m borrowing a cool idea from Ben and Jackie over at the Church of the Customer, which is to try and co-create a speaking tour. The "co-creation" approach worked really well in getting feedback on the WTS? book cover and draft manuscript, so I’m hoping it will work again.

From October through mid December I or by business partner David Nichols will visit your company, agency, member group or whatever to deliver a 60-minute, informative and thought-provoking presentation about "Branding based on substance, not spin". We’ll draw on episodes from the book’s story about 1 man’s battle to cut through the bull and buzzwords of branding, and save the Simpton’s sausage brand.

The book and the presentation seek to make branding accessible to a much broader audience than before, "from the CEO to the call-centre". They’re a great way for non-marketing folk to loose their brand virginity, and a fun refresher for those with more experience. More detail on the book/talk here:Download wheresthesausage.pdf

If you want us to speak at your event, just pick up our travel
expenses, provide a venue and purchase at least 100 books on on S-Day, October 1st at the ridiculously low price of £6.50/10 Euros. By all buying books on the same day, we boost the Amazon sales ranking…look out Harry Potter, the sausage is coming!

If you’re interested, add a comment below, or email on