1st Reviews of the iPhone

So, the wait is over, as is the time for PR and spin. Now is the time to see if the sausage lives up to all the build-up over the last few months. The hoards of fans who queued up to get their hands on an iPhone have had the weekend to play with it.

So, what do they think. Well, its clearly early days yet, but its interesting to see that all 17 reviews on the everythingiphone site are positive, and it gets a 4.5/5.0 average score. Here are some of the quotes:

"Beautiful design, revolutionary interface, and just cool–the iPhone brings a ton to the table."

"BTW… the keyboard is way better than any I’ve used before. Steve
Ballmer can… well, you all know what he and his fat mouth can do!"

"My friends have been in awe, and are begging me to let them play with
it. Any one that has had doubts about its value, or being worth the
wait, the hype, the price….I feel bad for you for having ever thought
that it wasn’t worth it!! I LOVE MY IPHONE!!

So, very early signs are good. And if this is repeated elsewhere, the buzz is not about to calm down, its about to get bigger as users start to spread the word.

The bad news for European Apple fans is that if (when) it does take off, then the launch over here will be delayed beyond (no, no, no!) Xmas 2007.

Anyone going to New York soon?

And if you haven’t done already, vote here on what YOU think about the iPhone: will it be a hit or miss?