The 50 000 Euros Bed: Sausage Extrordinaire

This ad headline stopped in my tracks as I was flicking through style bible Wallpaper:

"Who would pay 50 620 Euros for a bed?"

The body copy replies that "Most people would not or could not. A select few could and would, if they knew what they paid for." The ad is for the handmade, uber-luxury Vividus bed from Hastens. I
love the fact that even in a category like beds which feels pretty
commoditised, you still have a company trying to innovate and


My gripe with the ad is that with such a good story to tell they are so vague about the product, talking only in general terms about "using the best natural materials" and "the most skillful craftsmen". David Ogilvy wouldn’t have let them get away with this, and would have come up with something to rival his legendary Rolls Royce ad about only being able to hear the electric clock when the car was doing 60mph.


But what about the sales? Hastens seem to be doing OK with this strategy. In the US they’ve been going 5 years and sales are up 66% a year, according to an MSNBC article. Even though the total sales of the Vividus bed are….12. Seems that this is an "Haute Couture" branding approach, trying to create an image that rubs off on sales of the "cheaper" $20 000 beds!