We Transfer show you can add sizzle to anything

We Transfer is a great example of how emotional "sizzle" can enhance even to even the dullest of products or services, in this case sending big files to people over the internet.

Here's why I think We Transfer is really cool.

1. Adding sizzle to the ordinary

You can't get duller than sending big files by email, right? Well, We Transfer turns this into something quite fun. They do this by having an intriguing and attractive back-drop while you send your file. These nice looking pictures are in fact adverts, but ones for interesting services.

I clicked on a couple of these ads, and found another interesting service called "Get It Done", which helps people raise money for casues they care about using social media.

This makes the experience of sending big files more enjoyable. And also builds a disntinctive personality for the brand which makes it more memorable.

Screen shot 2011-07-18 at 11.22.49

2. Superior product "sausage"

We Transfer is elegant and pure. Check out that page above and how simple it is. Select the file and the email of the person to send it to, and bingo. Reminds me of Google.

This is way simpler and nicer to use than the increasingly busy and totally un-sizzly YouSendIt, which is the what I have been using up to now for sending big files – see below. This site screams out "We need more revenue streams to make our IPO business case work!!!"

We transfer also allow you to send up to 2GB for free, where YouSendIt make you pay for files over 50MB.


Screen shot 2011-07-18 at 11.23.25
3. New business model

We Transfer has created a new business model by generating revenue from the ads they sell. They also offer a service to have a personalised page with your own brand on that people see when receiving the files you send, which is also cool.

In conclusion, We Transfer show how you can add value to even the most dull categories through combining service innovation and emotional sizzle.

Give it a go here.