The Brandcamp Genius – now blogging from London

A belated welcome to London and the blogsosphere to Tom Fishburne. Now Tom has at least two major claims to fame in my book.

First, he is the genius behind the Brandcamp cartoons. These are painfully funny, and very much in the spirit of WTS? In fact, I must talk to him about an illustrated version of a future WTS? book…He is now featuring his cartoons on his blog, along with interesting explanations of the inspiration behind them.

Here is one his latest cartoons, inspired by a chainsaw manufacturer trying to claim it had "green" credentials!

Second, since April Tom has been working in London as the UK marketing director of Method, a very cool company who are aiming to be the innocent, or perhaps as I suggested the Green & Black’s, of household cleaning. They are a great example of making a brand ethical values aspirational, not second best.

On his blog Tom posts on interesting stuff from brands with similar values to Method, such as this one on spontaneous street sampling from innocent.

Welcome Tom!