Stop the bull****

Today I stumbled across a post from the end of last year on a "Manifesto for Real Brands". It was
a bit of a rant that summarised the beliefs behind WTS? and the
campaign for more substance, less spin. With 6 months and another 80 or so posts
more of experience, the 8 key points still seem as valid as ever, if
not more so. I thought they were worth sharing again, especially as a lot of people have only started reading in the last month or so:

1. Real branding is not a beauty contest, it’s about boosting the bottom-line
2. Real brands build on deep, immersive insights
3. Real brands drive the whole business
4. Real brands are authentic, building on a genuine product truth
5. Real brands use emotion ("sizzle") to sell a compelling product story ("sausage")  
6. Real brands avoid "brand ego trips" when extending, by sticking to what made them famous
7. Real brands are a magical mix of smart strategy and excellent execution
8. Real brand leaders inspire their people by saying less and doing more

I’ve turned the manifesto into a pdf that you can download and share: Download CampaignForRealBrands.pdf

The fight goes on!