Poland Spring show power of packaging

Another New York visit-inspired post. This time on one of my fave topics: the power of packaging.

Poland Spring is one of the leading US domestic water brands, and sold by all the street vendors on the streets of Manhattan. It was founded back in 1845, so has a long history. What impresses me is the way they have used different pack formats to grow. And no sign of any extensions, at least for now.

One I bought was the "Grip n’ Flip" sports pack. As the name suggests, it has a flip-top and contoured shape that’s easy to grip.


They have a cute, small "Aquapod" format for kids’ lunchboxes.

And they’ve just launched the "Eco-Shape" bottle which has a series of innovations including a 30% smaller label, 100% recyclable bottle and 30% less plastic (whether we’d be better off drinking tap water is another debate for another day!).

What a great way to "refresh" a brand and keep it up to date, whilst finding new ways of meeting needs on different occasions.