Live event: Brand Engagement is DEAD

The next gig on the "Where’s the Sausage?" tour takes place in London next Wednesday, 21st November, at 6.30pm. Its organized by the IABC (International Association of Brand Communication). You can book here.

It will be a bit different to the first 3 events, which were focused on consumer marketing. This one is focused on employees, and how to "engage them" with your brand.

The event is a nice example of how blogging connects you with all sorts of interesting people. Kevin Keohane from the IABC read my post called Brand Engagement is DEAD, and got in touch. The talk will pick up on this theme, and suggest that the best way to get employees engaged is to focus on the fundamentals of product/service quality and hiring/rewards, and less on internal communication. Do more, say less.

Hopefully it will provoke some good debate, and if you’re interested in internal communications and employee engagement, come and join in.