“innocent” beats “Fast Tractor”: the importance of positioning

Fascinating post
from Tom Fishburne on a talk he saw by innocent smoothies' creative
genius, Dan Germain. Dan told the story of how innocent was originally
called Fast Tractor. The idea being that they got the fruit from harvest
to bottle super fast.

Screen shot 2010-07-30 at 10.01.23

You get the feeling this business would not have been quite as successful if they'd stuck to Fast Tractor, right? Which goes to show the power of brand positioning in its fullest sense:

– Sausage and sizzle: innocent is one of those great ideas which combines product sausage (no nasties) and emotional sizzle (being nice people).

– The start of a story: the innocent brand is a start of a story with many chapters. Whereas Fast Tractor would not have taken you very far.

– Universal meaning: bonus of innocent is that it works better outside the UK. Imagine trying to sell Fast Tractor to the French

So, next time you're doing positioning, a good check is if you are being more "Fast Tractor" or more "innocent"