Do you know a Hugo?

I had a bit of fun doing this spoof video of Hugo Gaines, the marketing director from the Where’s the Sausage? book that launches on Oct 1. He talks about his "Hugbrands TM" approach (!) and climaxes with … his Simpsational rap. The book is packed with branding tips and tricks, but in the form of funny story starring Hugo.

Now Hugo might be fictional, but we’ve had a few Hugo-esque branding moments so far in 2007 (plenty of material for a sequel!):

1. The £20 million Premier Travel Inn re-brand to Premier Inn

2. The 2012 Olympics new (Hug)"brand", which was really just a crap logo

3. Dell’s response of "sod the product, let’s hire Mother and make a movie"

If you like the video, please do pass it on.

Couple of questions:
1. What are your own fave Hugo-esque brading cock-ups? Is there even a Hugo working near you now?!
2. What do you think of the video as a way of promoting the book? A first "home-made" go, so keen to learn…