Favourite Posts of 2007

As there are a lot of new readers who have joined in during the last couple of months, I thought the end of the year was a good time to do a re-cap of my personal favourite posts from the year. These are the ones I find myself referring back to often:

Great ways to bring to life your brand vision in a way that is inspiring and exciting: The 30 second pitch for your brand , writing a brand manifesto and creating a brand film like Harley Davidson.

And how NOT to do brand positioning: worshipping the brand onion!

Beyond customer understanding to customer empathy: really, truly connecting with your consumer, by being one yourself

The top 10 viral ads of all time: including those that actually help sell, and those that are just "sponsored entertainment"

The magic of innocent: my trip to Fruit Towers to meet their creative genius, and a summary of the hundreds of little things that make them special. And meetings with people from two other brands that really marked me: Lush and Method.

The power of people: learning from Pret a Manger, and research showing the positive impact of company pride from selling great products.

The power of being consistent, as shown by Stella Artois in the "Stella Test"… that they then went on to fail themselves!