Thanks to all 566 of you!

Thanks to all 566 people who subscribe to the brandgym blog, either through the Monday morning email, or through a blog reader.

Its nice to see the readership grow during 2007, having started at c. 100 back in January.

The blog has also been a great tool for networking. If you’re thinking about blogging, here are some of the ways its helped me in 2007:
– Getting feedback on the draft of my latest book, Where’s the Sausage?
– Voting for the best cover for the same book
– Doing online research on what people thought about the chances of success of the iPhone
– Getting leads to help us find brandgym partner 5
– Setting up talks to do as part of the Where’s the Sausage? book tour with the CIM and IABC
Going to Fruit Towers to meet innocent’s creative director
Meeting Tom Fishburne, genius cartoonist and UK marketing director of method
– Meeting Denise from Lush

Thanks again, and here’s to another great year in 2008!