How to speak like Steve

BNET video here shares idea on what makes Steve Jobs such a great speaker. Here are some of headlines to consider next time you have a talk to do.

[Now, let me say straight up it does help to have products like the iPhone and iPad to present 😉 But the principles still hold]

1. Set a theme: Jobs always kicks off with a big theme for his talks. For example,"Today Apple is going to re-invent the phone".

2. Provide an outline: even Steve Jobs using this basic rule I was tought when in my first year in business. He starts for example by saying "I have four things to talk to you about today". Then he verbally opens and closes each section clearly. 

Screen shot 2011-01-31 at 09.28.55
3. Put your heart into it:
you can't expect an audience to be inspired if you're not inspired yourself. Jobs always looks like a kid with a new toy when he presents, full of boyish enthusiasm and gushing praise for his company's new products.

4. Less is more: sounds obvious. But its amazing how many speakers still fill charts full of text and data. Strip your charts down like Steve to make them visually more impactful.

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5. Identify and build up to a memorable moment: it might not be as ground-breaking as Jobs revealing the super-thin MacBook Air from a manilla office envelope. But identify the most memorable bit of your talk, and take time to build up to the reveal, rather than rushing over it.

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