The 2009 Hit ‘n Miss Survey

Time to put your head on the block (the actual saying has another part of the male anatomy instead of head, that rhymes with block. But I'm being polite.)

Over 2008 this blog has predicted quite a few hits and misses. Now its your chance to say what you think. You can click here and vote in less than 60 seconds.

In a year's time, at the end of 2009, we will re-visit these predictions and see how well we've done.

Below are the brand launches/re-launches, with links to the relevant posts if you want to jog your memory. Also, it would be great to get some comments on your reasons for voting the way you do in the comments box.


1. Howard Shultz's return as CEO of Starbucks will pay off in 2009, with revenues back in growth (5%+) and share price up 15-20%.

2. Apple's iPhone will cement its position as a leading smartphone, with global sales in the year to Sep 2009 up at least 10% vs. year ago,

3. Coke's Vitamin Water will come out on top in the UK against Pepsico's V Water, winning twice the share, thanks to superior marketing and distribution muscle

4. Proctoid Paul Poleman will have a positive effect on Unilever as the first ever CEO to be recruited from outside. Share price will be up min 10%. Organic sales growth up min. 5%

5. Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport will be hailed as a great success, and a real asset for BA, despite its catastrophic launch

6. Jordans cereals re-launch will be a success, with sales up by 5-10% thanks to the fab new packaging, upgraded products and a new comms. campaign

7. McDonald's make-over will continue to produce growth, helped along by the recession. Sales will be up +5-10% over the year


1. Kellogg's Vitabu fruit snacks will flop, owing to a questionable value proposition compared to a good old appple

2. Orange's demise will continue, with the latest in their series of ad campaigns ("I am") failing to return the brand to growth

3. Gatorade will fail to seriously dent Lucozade's share of the UK sports drink market, despite its global number 1 ranking. Share will be  less than 15% share by end of 2009

4. innocent veg pots will not make a pot of money. They will have struggled to reach critical mass needed to be a long-term profitable business.

5. The nonsensical re-naming of Pizza Hut to Pasta Hut will be reversed

6. Stella Artois' launch of new products Artois Bock and 4% will fail to revive it. Sales will be flat, but fragmented over 3 products

7. Heinz Farmers Market Chilled soup will be a dwarf on its last legs, or de-listed. They will re-focus on their core ambient soup business

SO, get voting!