Apple pull the 3G iPhone out of their hat

Before I get on with posts about last week's Brand Fuel Express, I have to squeeze in a quick one on the unveiling of the new 3G iPhone. This was announced yesterday by CEO Steve Jobs at the Mac Developer Conference. What I think is so impressive is not only the amazing product. Its also the launch marketing, that Apple have turned into an artform.

1. Renovation Waves
Apple are repeating on the iPhone what they did with the iPod. They launch, and then follow up with wave after wave of new news. On iPhone it was:
Wave 1 – May 2007: launch
Wave 2 – Jan 2008: 2.0 software with new features
Wave 3 – April 2008: 16GB version launchd
Wave 4 – July 2009: 3G iPhone

Picture 1 

2. Big-bang launch, kept under wraps
Apple do an amazing job of creating a firework display of a launch, but keep the whole thing secret. When I checked the Apple site at 6pm UK time, there was not a thing about the new iPhone. And I couldn't find anything on the internet, apart from one lousy, blurred photo of an outer case on a gossip site.

A couple of hours later, after Steve Jobs announcement, and "BANG!". It was all there. 3D photos, the new TV ad, features.

And it was the same orchestration on O2, the UK mobile network partner. 6pm. Rien du tout. 8pm and there teasing you, and asking you to come back the next day.

Picture 2

Which I did of course. And was pleased to see that I can upgrade to the new phone for free.

Picture 3 

3. Better and better sausage
Don't let anyone tell you Apple and iPhone is about lifestyle and image. Its all about the product design, or sausage. This new phone fixes the main gripes with the first version of the iPhone:
– Adding faster 3G capability
– Cutting the price: now free on some of the O2 tarrifs
– Improving compatability with corporate "push" email, so Crackberry users can now fight back when the IT guys says "iPhone? iDontThinkSo"

And check out some of the facts about how much people like the current iPhone:
– 90% customer satisfaction
– 98% of iPhone users are browsing the internet – this is a revolution, the first true mobile internet phone
– 80% percent are using 10 or more features (how many do you use on your normal phone.. text, call…then?)

I think the combination of an already amazing product, plus these new feautures will give iPhone sales the kick up the arse they need to hit or get close to the target of 10 million phones sold by end 2008 (currently at 6 million).

4. The product slogan
Apple have perfected the product slogan. A short and snappy summary of the product features. Like an ad slogan, but for the product. So, the first iPod was "1000 songs in your pocket". The MacBook Air was "Thinnovation". And the new 3G iphone is "Twice as fast. Half the price".

This is more than an ad slogan, as I think they start with the product proposition/vision from Jobs and Ive (head of design). Then they work on how to make it happen.

I'll post again in a month, when I get my hands on my new Apple toy…!