360 Insight – Brand Strategy Article

Hot on the heals of last week’s post on the articles we had published in Market Leader, herPicture_1_2e’s another one. Bit like London buses and police-men… you wait for ages for one …  then three come at the same time!

This one, in Brand Strategy , is on “360 Insight”: using different angles to get insight, that go beyond the usual suspects of qual and quant research. Its written by Diego Kerner, our Managing Partner for Latam, and the leader of our 360 Insight practice.

It has lots of great examples, including how Diego has spent time talking to hair dressers about perming, and hookers (ladies of the night, not fishermen) about… well, I’ll let him tell you about that one.

You can download the article here: Download brandgym360Insight.pdf