2008 Hit ‘n Miss results

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Hit 'n Miss survey. We got comfortably more than the min. 50 responses we wanted, ending up at 70 which is OK.

On the hits side, on the majority of candidates 70%+ of you agreed with our predictions, but there were two notable exceptions:
– You weren't sure that Proctoid Paul Poleman will help Unilever's share price climb
– And less than half of you agreed that Howard Shultz's return as CEO would be the start of a revival of fortunes at Starbucks. Bummer, those shares I bought really are looking like a bad idea
Picture 12
On the MISS side there was much more agreement, with you backing the predictions across the board.
 Picture 13
Thanks again for joining in. Check back at the end of 2009 to see how good your brand gut feel is!