Brand-led barcodes!

We love packaging design, and feel its still under-utilised as a
marketing tool. We've posted several times before on what we call
"packvertising", here and here.

Well, a great new source of design inspiration is the blog
by ace design shop JKR, which is one of the handful of blogs I follow.
This is one of what I am sure will be a long series of posts sharing
some of their insights with our readership. This one
is on "brand-led barcodes"! Yup, even this seemingly functional bit of
packaging can become a creative medium in the right hands. 

As Silus at JKR comments, "Esquire magazine has been quietly playing with its barcode for a while
(above), tailoring it to each month’s big feature. Having a little fun
is a great way to imbue a brand with soul, and all the better for being
discovered rather than telegraphed. Below are some more neat examples:"

 Picture 2

Picture 3

More on JKR's views on design here, in an earlier series of posts.