Viral video frenzy – part 1 – Guest blogger Graeme Murray

This is the first of 2 posts from guest blogger Graeme Murray on viral
videos. Graeme is an associate coach with the brandgym consultancy I run.
That’s us on the right in Moscow’s Red Square, when we were working
together on a brand growth project for Russia’s biggest FMCG company,
Wimm Bil Dan.

Graeme spends more time than is healthy on You Tube, and so is something of an expert when it comes to viral videos. Here is the first of his fave list.

1. Launching a new product – Wilkinson Sword France
What to do when you want to launch a premium shaver but don’t have a technological advantage over your competitors? Wilkinson Sword turned to dramatic storytelling to highlight the benefits of their latest line of Quattro Premium shavers.

Their integrated television and online campaign was called “Fight for Kisses”. It shows that with the new Titanium razor Dads’ bay-smooth skin will get more kisses from the wife, to the chagrin of the real baby in the family.

The trailer is actually promoting a downloadable fighting game. Launched in September 2007, the trailer received massive attention, getting 3million+ views on Youtube alone. The campaign was recently awarded silver and gold in this year’s Eurobest and Epica awards. One of the best viral campaigns of 2007.


2. Brand heritage reinforcement – Adidas
Adidas was founded in 1949 and named after its founder, Adi Dassler. Ever since the brand has been connected to global sports and lifestyle. Adidas is now the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. This animated video tells the pretty amazing story of the German shoe manufacturer Adi Dassler and the legacy he left. A great way to amplify and explain the brand story to a new generation of consumers.

3. Try this at home – FIFA Street 3

To promote the new football game FIFA Street 3, EA Games just released this cool new viral. It shows some impossible magic freestyle tricks from Mexico. It has a certain cool factor; will provoke debate about whether the tricks are real or not and it gives people an insight into some of the crazy tricks you can actually perform when playing the game.