Top 10 posts of 2006

As we near the end of the year, it seems a good time to do a review of my personal favourites amongst the 50 posts that have appeared since the blog started in September. For people who’ve started visiting only recently, its  perhaps a chance to check out some posts you missed.

Here are my top 10. Please feel free to disagree…

Apple: a true brand-led business: using the brand to drive everything, not just the image wrapper of advertising and design

The new Porsche 911: refreshing your product DNA: 40 years of innovation to keep a design classic contemporary

Harley Davidson:bringing the brand mission to life: the best example I’ve ever seen of bringing to life a vision.

The power of Pret’s people: motivating people to "live the brand" is about the brand’s leaders’ actions, not their words

Product passion at Innocent: how product excellence under-pins that funky personality we love so much

Rejuvenating Brand Bond: how to stick to what made you famous, and yet stay relevant for today

"Advertising is a tax for having an unremarkable product": the Geek Squad injecting brand magic into every last bit of the mix

Gu ice cream: Product and packaging heaven: packaging so beautiful it jumps off the shelf into your trolley

BA shows that product beats communication every time

Marks & Spencer: sausage and sizzle really works: the brand turnaround extroinaire