Think route to consumer, not route to market

This is the latest in a series of posts about brands who are trying to find new "routes to consumer". Rather than sitting there moaning about the big bad retailers, they are trying to do something about it.

The latest example that grabbed my attention is Gillette offering a "subscription service" to get replacement razors sent to your home.
Picture 2 This seems smart:
1. Bet you P&G have data showing that there are loads of guys who are too lazy to change their blades often enough. The subscription service addresses this.

2. Blunt blades shave less well. By encouraging people to re-new blades more often, this should increase consumer satisfaction through a superior shave

3. This allows Gillette to build a data base of consumer, and so have direct contact with them

4. Gillette can control pricing

5. They don't have to pay the retailer a margin, or listing fees, or promotional support

6. They encourage shavers to stick with Gillette and not switch

In conclusion, another great example of Gillette growing the core shaving business.

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