The Nespresso Success Story Part 2: communication

This post follows an earlier one on the amazing growth of the Nespresso coffee system, and looks at the brand’s communication. Its from guest blogger Anne Charbonneau, the latest partner to join the brandgym. Anne joined us in March after a top-draw branding career with BBH, Weiden & Kenedy and TBWA.

The comms. campaign in question features George Clooney. An example of the press is shown here.
Picture 1

The TV ad is a cinematic film where George meets beautiful Brazilian actress Camilla Belle, thinking she wants his autograph, but in fact it’s the Nespresso she wants. To watch the TV ad you can click below if you are on the website, or click here to go to You Tube.

Here are a few of the learnings on Nespresso’s communication:

1. Smart sequencing: Nespresso didn’t blast their way onto TV  from day one, risking “George over-kill”. They let early adopters enjoy their find first, and then expanded the campaign more broadly. This was especially important given that Mr Clooney is used by several other brands, including Martini.

2. Clever use of Nespresso boutique: Many brands  struggle with portraying usage occasion in ads, as they all  desperately want to avoid presenting the REAL situation (at home, by the kitchen table..), but don’t want to show ridiculous situations that lack all credibility.  Thanks to the Nespresso boutique, the brand has a credible – and more aspirational – drinking  moment, in the Nespresso bar. And what’s great is that you can actually go to one of the boutiques for yourself.

3. Brave choice of celebrity that fits well: George Clooney is vocal and controversial on the political stage, but also earns respect. This is part of his charisma. He is also smooth and suave, and even has a house on an Italian lake, where he sips espressos with celeb friends like Brad and Angelina!

Clooney also works well as he is up for the game-playing in the TV ad, and sees the funny side of being portrayed as rather vain.

4. Great execution:  the ads are well shot, well casted, well acted and so can bear repeat viewing. This adds extra “sizzle” which is important when selling a premium, aspirational brand like Nespresso.

Picture 3
5. Product as hero
: Finally and most importantly, the ad is not just a piece of “sponsored entertainment”:  a funny story with a logo slapped on at the end. George, Camilla, her mum’s friend, and everyone else is there for the Nespresso, nothing else. There is even a killer product demo with the last drop of coffee hitting the trademark Nespresso crema topping!

All in all, another chapter in the impressive success story of Nespresso.